THINK helps companies plan, build and grow in the areas of technology, customer experience and program management.

A unique framework for technology management provides a range of proactive services to keep your systems up and running, allowing your team to stay productive.
A group of inspiring people in the disciplines of strategy, creativity, design, performance marketing, public relations and user experience.
We work with you every step of the way to help navigate the change process and successfully achieve critical benchmarks while creating action plans that focus on how to make your company more profitable and efficient.


Philip Ramsey – Founder and Principal Consultant 

Phil Ramsey has spent nearly two decades working with non-profits, big business, technology, trade associations, finance, and marketing & communications teams.                 He sets up shop most often where form and function collide while creatively helping companies improve systems, and team dynamics.

Sally Whitemore is a strategic thinker, director of multiple projects and teams, bringing calm to chaos, simplifying the complex, and equipping teams to deliver results.


Audrey Sottile is a valued and trusted business partner, with an instinct for knowing when to listen and when to contribute. She works collaboratively with clients to achieve a common goal and has a unique ability to customize her approach to different personalities.

Mitch McKinney brings his unique leadership experiences to help companies navigate through current challenges as well as develop strategies and systems for future growth.

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