Managed Cloud Services

September 1, 2015

THINK offers a wide array of Managed Cloud Services. However, unlike many cloud services providers, THINK does not merely give you rack space, raw computing power and access. THINK Cloud services also ensure that your hosted systems are backed up, monitored and supported at the OS and application layers as well.

All of your applications might not be ready for user consumption through the cloud. Our expert consultants will work with you to lay out an overall technology roadmap that includes a cloud strategy that make sense for your business. Maybe your only partially ready for the cloud? That’s OK. Remember, it’s a journey.

The good news is that THINK has deep expertise in supporting your on-premise infrastructure, providing world class end-user support and vendor managing your other cloud providers. Our holistic service model uniquely positions THINK to be your trusted technology partner for years to come; no matter how your journey unfolds.

When should you consider Managed Cloud Services?

    • Hardware Needs to Be Replaced
      Eliminate the capital costs of investing in new hardware that will need to be replaced again in the future.
    • Ready to Grow
      Critical applications are available regardless of geographic location.
    • Excessive IT Support Costs
      Fewer servers to maintain will reduce support overhead costs.
    • Too Many Servers
      Reduce your hardware footprint to improve efficiencies

THINK’s Cloud Service Offering Includes

    • Hosted File Sharing
      Secure file sharing and cloud backup for your business.
    • Domain Hosting
      A secure and dedicated virtual server running a current version of Microsoft Windows Server and a point to point VPN connection to your office.
    • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
      Dedicated Windows 2008 Server running Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server Edition. Multi-tenant option available.
    • Hosted File Servers
      Cloud-based data storage on a dedicated Windows Server for archiving and/or high availability purposes
    • Hosted Terminal Servers
      Centralize your application management with this high availability remote work platform, accessible from anywhere a user has an Internet connection.